Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Unforgettable Love

Ini hanya rekaan semata-mata.Tiada kena mengena dengan yang hidup mahupun yang meninggal dunia.Karya ini dibuat secara peribadi.Persamaan hanya kebetulan.Karya ini dibuat untuk meningkatkan lagi bahasa inggeris saya,sebarang kesalahan tatabahasa sila tegur.Kerjasama anda semua amat dihargai.~Enjoy~

"What is wrong with you??.Since we came back from Korea,you acted weirdly.Why??." Ask Eve. answer....

"Come on sis.You know that you can tell me everything.Your silence kill me."

"Okay! I am sorry for what is happened at Korea.I know it was my fault.I swear that i will never forced you again!.I swear!" Eve still tries to make Alisha open her mouth.

Still..there is  no reaction from Alisha.She just sit there.There is something that bothering her.Something that burden her.Something that she tried to forget a long time ago.Something that always bring her tear out.

''Please Alisha, I just...err I thought it was a good opportunity for you.You have talent because of that insist you do that photo shoot..Please Alisha."

"There's nothing to do with that ane(sister in japanese)" At last.Alisha had open her mouth.

"Node(so in japenese) what is happening while we at there??" Ask Eve.

"Something is happen isn't it??.I know.But what??" She keeps asking.

"Little girl.What things,person or persons or something that make you sad??" Ask her again.

"Are the boys teased you??" Eve keeps push Alisha to tell her what is happening.

"No" Alisha said.

"Are you...oh god..You are not right??" Eve asking.

"What??" Ask Alisha.She confuse by the way Eve reacted.She wondered what and why.

"Are you have fallen in love with one of them??" Ask Eve quickly.

"No!.Are you crazy??.It's not that.Never!"Aswered Alisha.

Eve felt relief a little bit.But she still have the question mark in her mind.

"So,what is happening??" Ask Eve.

"Is there something to do with Korea?? You seemed to uncomfortable when we at there.Why??"

"It's okay if you really do not want to talk about it.Little girl,heungbun!(fight for it)" Eve smile at Alisha.She started walk leaving Alisha behind.

"Sis..."Alisha called Eve.Eve stop all of sudden.She look back.Their eyes were looking each other.

"There is something..." She continue to talk.


P/S:First time buat cerpen bahasa inggeris,jadi maaflah tentang kesalahan tatabahasa dan maksud yang susah difahami anda semua.Grrr susah nak sampaikan mesej dalam bahasa inggeris nih! Harap anda faham dan enjoy..Adoiii ayat budak darjah 1.

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YanaMIB said...

rajinnya buat cerpen..siap ada sambungan laghik..hehe~ oke la nih..prektis makes prefect ^_^

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