Friday, December 31, 2010

Unforgettable Love part 2

Ini hanyalah sebuah karya.Satu imaginasi yang datang daripada saya.Tiada kena mengena dengan sesiapa secara langsung mahupun tidak.Persamaan hanya kebetulan.Sila komen bahasa inggeris saya dalam karya ini untuk pembaikan bahasa inngeris saya.Terima kasih.~enjoy~

"Korea." Alisha eyes turn red.She just hold to her feeling to make sure that she doesn't lose at this time.Not this time.There no more tears that being waste this time.That what she told her self to do.But could she make it??

Eve look at Alisha's face.She look sad.Eve curious.She wondering.What could it be?? It sound serious.It must be serious or else she never being this sad.Never acted like that.Alisha that she knows is more better than that.She is a happy girl,like to smile,live this life like there is no tomorrow.But she changed.Because of what??.Eve ask herself.

"Huh...Korea.Sis..The is something that I keeps hold as a secret all this time.Something that you don't have any ideas of it.Something that I hide from you." Alisha keeps talking while Eve still listening hope the answers.

"I use to fall in love.I met a guy named Jue Ik.Seol Jue Ik." Alisha stop for a while before continue talking.She looked at Eve.Eve looked surprise.

"Seol Jue Ik??.That.."Eve tried to talk.

"Korean name."Alisha help Eve finishing her question.

"Meaning??" Eve ask.

"Korean boy.Easy missy.Hahahaha..."Alisha tried to act like usual.


"I meet him when I was nine-teen.Jue Ik is a caring man.Have a cute baby face.We being friend.A relationship where we should be.We must be."Alisha start to cry.

"We never should be a couple.We should be a friend.Not less or more!."

"Why??" Ask Eve.

"Because we are different." Alisha answered.

"At where?? which part??" Ask Eve again.

"Everything.Country,races,culture,religion,civilization,language.But most importantly is...Muslim.Which is the main obstacle."

"So,Islam is the obstacle??.Why don't you ask him to being a muslim??"Ask Eve.

"Islam is the MAIN obstacle.Not the only one.I don't want him to be a muslim because of me.I want him to be a muslim because of himself.Because of Allah."

"I know there are many problems in our relationship.But i'm insist to just being love and to love.Friend! we really should be that forever.But because of me.Because I broke my own rules,I lose a friend.I lose someone that I care.Someone that I love.I created a rules,but I also broke it.Never felt in love with someone is not in the same religion as I am.Never!!..But sis,I broke it.I felt in love with Jue Ik.A korean boy who is not a muslim.I should stop myself and him to be in this love.But i'm so stupid!.Stupid!."

"I should leave him.I should never accept the love the he gave me.I just should say 'no'.That is better that being hurt and to hurt.Being hurt by myself and to hurt the person that being place in my heart.I should say 'sorry i cannot love you'.I should say that!!.But I did not.Why??" Alisha cried.She keeps cried like crazy.Eve stunned.She speechless.


P/S:First time buat cerpen bahasa inggeris,jadi maaflah tentang kesalahan tatabahasa dan maksud yang susah difahami anda semua.Grrr susah nak sampaikan mesej dalam bahasa inggeris nih! Harap anda faham dan enjoy..Adoiii ayat budak darjah 1.Kekurangan yang ada di dalam cerpen ni saya minta maaf.

Unforgettable Love part 1

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